Want more out of intimate relationships?
"Have everything" but still lonely or isolated?
Feel stuck in sexual behaviors or patterns?

I am a San Francisco Psychotherapist who works with Men struggling with relationships (or lack thereof), intimacy, sexual behaviors, and sexuality.

Much of that work focuses on what is sometimes called sex addiction, but could include any issues with porn, apps, and sexual behaviors.

Sex, whether alone or partnered, can be a healthy expression of your innate desire to connect, enjoy, have fun, and celebrate who you are. Difficulty connecting with others is distressing and isolating. I recognize the anxiety, consequences, and suffering when your relationship to porn, apps, and sexual behaviors is no longer in sync with who you want to be or become. I can provide tools to create positive change.

You are not alone

It can be difficult to share what's going on with those around you. What will they think? As a result, you may feel isolated and shut down--that you're the only one with this issue.

change behaviors

You might feel like these behaviors are controlling you, or that you want to stop but there's no way it's going to happen.


connect & have fun!

I will work with you in therapy to find meaning in what feels frightening, overwhelming, or unknowable.

Create and maintain healthier relationships and intimacy.

I can also help you address:

Anxiety | Depression | Grief
LGBTQ issues including bullying, coming out, shame
sexual orientation & identity
Drug, alcohol and behavioral addictions
Corporate stress
12 Step recovery/harm reduction

How will therapy help?

That’s a great question! We probably all know someone who’s been in therapy, and told us their version of it. What will therapy look like for you?

I am a psychodynamic therapist and here’s how I break that down. I work with you to resolve both the symptom and the cause. So it's often called depth therapy for that reason. I want you to find relief from the immediate pain and resolve the deeper, internal conflicts and doubts. In this way, you can become more resilient and the changes more long lasting.

Sessions may feel intense and safe at the same time. I am sometimes feeling things with you--I genuinely want to understand your experience. 

 Thom Masat, AMFT   |   Hayes Valley office, San Francisco

Thom Masat, AMFT   |   Hayes Valley office, San Francisco