You deserve to be happy

Sometimes you’re so depressed or sad, it’s hard to share with friends or family. What will they think? All they want to do is “fix it”or cheer you up. You feel isolated and shut down--maybe numb.

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You are not alone

You want to connect with people again. Find out or remember what makes you happy. Do what you see other people doing. Find healthier relationships and intimacy.

change compulsive behaviors

You might feel like these behaviors are controlling you, or that you want to stop but there's no way it's going to happen. In the therapeutic relationship, you can explore how to find relief and build the foundation for lasting change.

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you can change the pattern

I will work with you in therapy to find meaning in what feels frightening, overwhelming, or unknowable. With this insight, you can make the changes that feel out of reach today.


How WILL therapy HELP?

That’s such a great question! We probably all know someone who’s been in therapy, and told us their version of it. We’ve seen portrayals of therapy in movies and on TV. What will therapy look like for you?

I am a psychodynamic therapist and here’s how I break that down. I work with you to resolve both the symptom and the cause. It’s called depth therapy for a reason. I want to resolve the immediate suffering and work with you to resolve the deeper, internal conflicts and doubts.

When we’re in a session together, you may notice that I’m completely focused on you. Sessions may feel intense and safe at the same time. I am sometimes feeling things along with you--I genuinely want to understand your experience.