Meaningful and lasting change
If your own inherent resilience seems distant, I’ll take the time to build reliable tools with you, so you can return to your own, unique, resilience and vitality.

Focused, gentle, and direct
I am focused, gentle, and direct. Sessions may feel intense and safe at the same time. In session with me, you can expect me to be curious, respectful, and above all non-judgmental. My clients tend to trust me even when they have a hard time trusting others.

Strengthen your resilience and broaden your range of choices

Therapy can be hard work. It takes time and commitment. Creating a new path forward can feel difficult and challenging. Talking about who you are, how you came to be and what you really want takes courage and safety. The goal is to relieve suffering so that you can create lasting and significant changes.

Why me?
As a fifty-three year old gay male therapist, married for ten years, my academic, personal and professional life experiences give me unique perspective, understanding, and compassion.

Additional qualifications:

• Experienced with Alcohol and Sex Addiction, 12 Step Recovery/Harm Reduction
• Skilled and experienced Group Leader working with Men, Intimacy, Relationships, and Sexually compulsive behaviors
• EFT Trained Couples Therapist
• Couples Therapist at the San Francisco Marriage and Couples Center
• Continuing study at the Center for Group Studies in New York City
• Board of Directors, Northern California Group Psychotherapy Society
• Member - American Group Psychotherapy Association
• Member - California Marriage and Family Therapy Association