ANxiety and Stress

Being energized and driven by what you do for a living can be a double edged sword.

On the one hand, work can be an adrenalin-soaked, non-stop world of goals, achievements and problems waiting to be solved. This is just as enticing as it can be financially rewarding.

You become so plugged in, that you forget to keep your eye on the big picture--what you really want! THERE'S NO TIME! 

Enter the world of dating apps, video games, porn, and social media. All these things can be helpful when they're moving you toward what you want most--connection, relationship, and intimacy.

Sometimes it's just the opposite. Time slips away and what you want fades into the background. Can you ever have what connection, intimacy, satisfying sex, and love?

Therapy can help you sort through these often contradictory impulses, create connection, and find a "middle path."