Group Therapy

Men's Group Therapy

Feeling stuck in problematic sexual behaviors or patterns?
"Have everything," but still lonely or isolated?
Wanting more out of intimate relationships?

This is a group for Men seeking greater connection in their lives. The group explores how self-defeating behaviors and beliefs limit you from achieving what you really want. Led by a trained, supervised, and experienced group psychotherapy leader, this group provides a unique, dynamic, and sometimes challenging opportunity to explore who you are and how others see you.

Whether it be apps, porn, compulsive sexual behavior, serial dating, or even "I've got this all figured out, but I'm still lonely"...this group helps men of diverse backgrounds create meaningful change in their relationships outside the group.

Men of all sexual orientations welcome.

No-fee 1:1 consultation is required prior to entering the group.

Space is limited. Contact me at (415) 547-0301 or email me at