What is group therapy?

IS Group effective?


Current Group Offering:

Intimacy, Sex and Men: Out of the Man Box

This is a long-term group for men seeking connection with others and themselves.

Self-defeating behaviors and beliefs can get in the way of achieving relationships, intimacy, meaningful sex, and connection.

Often these behaviors show up as using apps instead of connecting, porn, compulsive sexual behavior, serial dating, or serial "not dating." Maybe you just feel lonely even though you "have everything" (according to those around you!)

PROBLEM: The majority of men in the US were taught men should figure out their personal problems on their own without asking others for help.*

SOLUTION: This group explores how men relate to anger, conflict, intimacy, healthy dependency, and sex (to name a few.) In doing so, men find they have more confidence, resilience, and awareness to pursue meaningful connection and change in their lives.

Led by a trained, experienced group leader, the process provides a unique, dynamic, and sometimes challenging opportunity to explore who you are and how others see you.

A 1:1 consultation is required so that we can clarify the work you wish to address in the group and how it might be supported by the group. There are no drop-ins.

Open to men of any sexual orientation.

*from the study "THE MAN BOX: A Study on Being a Young Man in the US, UK, and Mexico"; Brian Heilman - Gary Barker - Alexander Harrison. Unilever, Axe, Promundno. 2017